"I have never been moved in so many ways at once.  There were times I was ridiculously laughing, yet moments later in tears as I was humbly led to examine my own heart.  Our students were rapt within moments, captivated by his honesty and loving example.  Today's generation needs to witness less frill and entertainment, and spend more time with genuine people like Scott."

Dwayne Carson

Campus Pastor Liberty University


"Scott doesn't just have a message … he is a message!  He is a gifted communicator, an amazing wit, and living, breathing proof of God's power to help us overcome life's greatest challenges.  Cerebral palsy is usually a handicap.  But in Scott's case, it is merely the canvas on which God is painting something very special."

Bill Rogers


Scott Anderson was a hit with our ministry here in Covington.  Not only was he an excellent speaker and communicator, he made a point to find out how he could work with what God was already doing here at Trinity.  His message was powerful; we had at least 11 or 12 first time commitments to Christ!  He was funny, exciting and delivered a powerful and relevant message to people who are feeling the pressure of our times.  I received many emails thanking us for having Scott at Trinity. 

Wayne Rogers

Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts

Trinity Church, Covington, LA

I am happy to recommend Mr. Scott Anderson to any public school in regards to his message on motivation.  Mr. Anderson recently came to Atherton Middle School and spoke to 330 4th-8th graders for roughly 45 minutes on various topics ranging from perseverance, dedication and goal setting.  Mr. Anderson’s message was well received through a style that related to our students.  His use of humor and wit kept the students laughing and his relation of personal experiences kept them engaged.

Trevor Alward

Atherton Middle School Principle

"Scott Anderson has been a great blessing to our people.  He has an unique style that blends humor, practical insight, and deep spiritual thinking.  He relates to our congregation in a personal and profound way.  I believe the Lord is using this man in a mighty way.  He has a message that every child of God needs to hear!"

David Stokes

Fair Oaks Church

Fairfax, VA

"Scott's message touches people-that's the bottom line.  His humor disarms us, his heart unmasks us and then his message of truth does its work.  I've worked with him in hundreds of different contexts in the U.S., Europe, and the Third World, and make no mistake about it, this man has something important to say and he says it in a way that you just cannot forget."

David Melton

MetroWest Baptist Church

Boston, MA